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Why being inspired won’t help you in February

Everyone gets motivated and inspired to serve God and get things done in January.

By February, they run out of steam. Why?

That’s because, motivation and inspiration are what gets you started

But habits keep you going.

Trying to do your best is not enough. You have to develop habits that enhance productivity.

The difference between productive and unproductive women, are the habits they have formed. Habits are so powerful, that they determine how far we go in life.

Inspiration is not a sustainable means of becoming fruitful.

Habit formation is more dependable.

In a nutshell, your health, wealth, spiritual growth, and productivity, depends on your habits.

But vital questions are:

  • how are bad habits dropped?

  • How do we develop good habits ?

  • What specific habits do I need to develop if I want fruitfulness ?

  • Do highly fruitful people have specific habits?

These and many more questions, will be our focus in February

So that fruitfulness becomes a lifestyle and not an event.

No matter how inspired you are, you won’t get to your goals in the service of Christ, until you form the habits that are suitable to help you accomplish your spiritual goals.

The challenges you will face in life, will cause you to become distracted, discouraged, demotivated or loose focus.

No wonder Jesus made certain things a habit.

Paul also did same.

These two men are the epitome of fruitfulness.

If Jesus and Paul formed habits, you should to.

Acts 17:2 ERV

[2] Paul went into the synagogue to see the Jews as he always did. The next three weeks, on each Sabbath day, he discussed the Scriptures with them.

Luke 4:16 ERV

[16] Jesus traveled to Nazareth, the town where he grew up. On the Sabbath day he went to the synagogue as he always did. He stood up to read.

To be continued throughout February …..

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